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Goddard College Practicum

Volunteering Project at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida, U.S.A.

"Willow Huts Installation"

Two different willow huts will be built in the recreation are at Historic Bok Sanctuary, which is a National Historic Landmark located in Lake Wales, Florida. Edward Bok, who was born in Netherlands 1863, created Bok Tower Gardens in 1922. He was only six years old when he came to America. His grandmother told him, "Make the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it."

Landscape artist Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. was asked to transform the Bok Tower Gardens area into a sanctuary that would " touch the soul with its beauty and quiet." As the transformation proceeded, Mr. Bok decided to add a carillon tower to be visual and aural centerpiece for the garden. In 1929, the "Mountain Lake Sanctuary and Singing Tower" was dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge as Bok's gift to the American people.

Two Willow Hut installations will directly be built on two wooden circle shaped platforms. There are three wooden platforms on three different levels connected with each other. Two of the platforms have metal railing. This construction already exists in the recreation area and many palm trees are surrounded and growing through the wooden platforms. The materials used for this project are strictly earth materials; only staples or/and wire will be used to attach the hut's basic framework to the railing. The starting time for the Willow Hut project was March 24th, 2008 and expected finishing time is scheduled in April 2008.

My main benefit from this work will be the experience working with outdoor community project and coordinating the project from the beginning using the help of volunteers. Small group of volunteers, Al Holeton, Owen Campbell, and myself will be working together on this project. I will be documenting this project by writing, taking digital images, and some video of the process. We are also searching for possible grants and fundraising.

Mostly children and their parents visiting the playground at the Bok tower Garden will use Willow Hut. All the metal wire ends will be hidden and secured. The construction will be built thinking of childproof environment.

The success of the project will be evaluated visually by visitors and people involved in the building process of the Garden. In the future plans the Historic Bok Sanctuary is going to have more outdoor installations completed using only the earth materials and the next installation most likely is going to be made from bamboo material. The Garden has many areas available for outdoor art and Historic Bok Sanctuary is widely advertised as a popular landmark in Florida.

Practicum Display of Willow Hut Installation
at Goddard College July 2008