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Question Mark Art

I have an answer before I know the question...

Color Acrylic Paintings

Echoes of Time! 2013 ~ (30 x 40)


The Answer Is Happiness...And
What Was The Question? 2011 ~ (30 x 40)


The Answer Is Happiness...And
What Was The Question? 2008 ~ (30 x 40)

Question1 (4x6)

Question2 (4x6)

Question3 (4x6)

Question4 (4x6)

Question5 (4x6)

Question6 (4x6)

Question7 (4x6)

Question8 (4x6)

Question 1 in sepia 4x4

Question 2 in sepia 4x4

Question 3 in sepia 4x4

Question 4 in sepia 4x4

Black and White Acrylic Paintings

B&W (30x40)

B&W1 (4x4)

B&W2 (4x4)

B&W3 (4x4)

B&W4 (4x4)

B&W5 (4x4)

B&W6 (4x4)


Site-specific Ephemeral Installations - Question in Nature - 2011

Question in Nature 1 2011

Question in Nature 2 2011

Question Christmas Wish?

Question Christmas Wish?

Question in Nature   Armageddon 1

Question in Nature  Armageddon 2

Question in Nature  Armageddon 3

Question in Nature  Armageddon 4

Question in Nature Armageddon 5

Question in Nature Armageddon 6

Question in Nature Armageddon 7

Question in Nature Armageddon 8

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